I would like to introduce our product:


This is the best product available to protect your home against musty, mold and mildew odors that come from closing up a home for months at a time.

We have customers who have used this product for many years with great results:

1 - They find it cost much less than running an Air Conditioner unit.
2 - The vapors keep out intruders of all kinds.
3 - They come back to a mildew odor free home.

Home-Zone is also great for:

1 - Boats that are stored for long periods of time.
2 - RVs that sit for months at a time till the next use.
3 - Mobile homes.
4 - Cabins


Pour about a cup or a cup and an half of the Home-Zone onto a shallow container. Plastic coated paper plates are ideal for this purpose. Place these plates on high places throughout your home. This should be done just prior to leaving your home. Direct contact causes irreversible eye damage and severe skin irritation. Wear goggles or face shield and rubber gloves when handling Home-Zone.

Home-Zone is a mildewcide. It does not affect the humidity. If you have items that may be damaged by moisture, they should be protected from the humidity. Small items such as tools cans be sealed in airtight containers with silica gel to keep them dry. If you have very large items, you may wish to use a dehumidifier in addition to Home-Zone.

When you return, open all windows and doors and allow your home to air out for a few hours. If any Home-Zone remains in the plates, it must be poured back into the original container for reuse at a later date. Disposable shallow containers must be discarded into outside trash container inaccessible to children and pets. After the house has aired out, you may turn on your air conditioner. If turned on at once, it will circulate the vapors of Home-Zone through the ducts and it will be more difficult to remove them. If irritating vapors of Home-Zone still persist, they may be neutralized by ammonia. Pour a few ounces of household ammonia in saucers and place them around your home until the air is fresh.

Provisions should be made to prevent leakage in multifamily dwelling. All vents to common ventilation passages should be tightly sealed. If leakage should occur, discontinue use.

If you should notice a fine white powder after returning, simply dust and vacuum it up. It is sublimation of the Home-Zone and will cause no damage.

If you have persistent Home-Zone odors:

1 - Double check to be sure you have not left a plate of Home-Zone
2 - Clean or replace your air conditioner filter
3 - Use ammonia to neutralize Home-Zone vapors as described above.


Q: Why do I not need an air conditioner during the summer when I use Home-Zone?
A: Home-Zone is a mildewcide that kills any mildew or spores regardless of how hot or humid the air is.

Q: Can I use my air conditioner with Home-Zone?

A: Many of our customers tell us they leave their air conditioner on at higher setting and they are very happy with the results.

Q: Will Home-Zone discourage intruders from robbing or vandalizing my home?

A: The general discomforts of these vapors usually discourage anyone from remaining in your home for any extended periods of time.

Q: How much should I would I use?

A: A 5 pound jar will protect a living area of approximately 1,000 square feet for up to 6 months from mildew damage. If longer protection is desired, the Home-Zone should be replenished.

Q: Why should I place the plate of Home-Zone in a high location?

A: The vapors from Home-Zone are heavier than the air, so these vapors will gradually sink to the floor. Placing the plates up high gives greater protection. Leave closet doors open.

Q: Should I place charcoal around my house when I close it up?

A: Only activated charcoal is of any value in removing moisture and odors. It is not an infinite sponge and can act only for a relatively short period of time.

Q: Will Home-Zone harm food that is left in the house?

A: An open box of cereal will probably have an unpleasant taste. Total protection can be given to foods by sealing them in moisture proof plastic containers.

Q: Should I turn off my refrigerator while I am away?

A: It is best to do so. When the refrigerator is off, the door should be propped open to avoid mildew formation.

Q: How should I protect cameras, color slides, negatives and prints?

A: It is best to seal them in a plastic bag or box to protect them from moisture of the vapors from Home-Zone. Oil paintings are safe from damage.

Q: Will Home-Zone change the colors of rugs, clothing or drapes?

A: Most dyes in use at this time are light-fast and very durable. The only dyes affected are diazo dyes and may be used in some nylon carpets. These days can be faded when Home-Zone is in direct contact. Place you place with Home-Zone up high.

Q: Can I leave plants in my home?

A: Plants may be damaged by Home-Zone vapors. We recommend that they be removed.

Q: Can a friend or neighbor check my home while I am away?

A: yes, when they first open the door to your home, if they notice the odor of Home-Zone they can safely assume your home is protected. If no odor of Home-Zone is noticed then they should add more Home-Zone to the plates, wearing goggles and rubber gloves.

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